Terms & Conditions

1. Aetas Shopping client is defined as a person who has downloaded the Aetas APP and is paying the Aetas Shopping fee every month. 2. ‘Cash Back’ vest as ∑ (Sigma Points) in your online profile & wallet. 3. Your ∑ (Sigma Points) may be spend online as a 1:1 with ZAR (unless otherwise stated). 4. When using ∑ as payment at participating ‘brick and mortar’ retailers the value of your ∑may be between 75c and 40c. The ∑ value will never be less than 40c. 5. Your ‘Cash Back’ ∑that vested in your online wallet will never expire. You may only access and use your ∑as payment if your monthly fee as determined by Aetas is paid up to date. 6. Only selected retailers may offer Aetas Shopping. Please enquire with Aetas if you are unsure. 7. Airline Tickets 7.a. You may only purchase one (1) airline ticket per client, per destination and time. 7.b. Aetas Shopping clients may not use ∑ to pay for airline tickets. You will however be able to earn the same amount back in ∑. 7.c. Aetas Mobile PTY LTD or any affiliate will not take any responsibility for loss of life/goods or any other form of loss that you may incur when flying. Please consult with the airline for any claims against them. 7.d. All airline tickets sold by Aetas will be for carriers registered to fly in RSA. 8. Delivery of goods including SIM cards 8.a. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. 8.b. Returns will be accepted and refunds will be done in accordance with the CPA.